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Kevin Spiteri

How we helped him
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing

Kevin Spiteri is the founder of the Menace Group. In his own right he is a major influencer in the marketing world. He is the author of I Just Want It To Work: A Guide to Understanding Digital Marketing and Social Media for Frustrated Business Owners, Managers and Marketers which was written for established business owners and senior managers who are dissatisfied with their current marketing efforts, or who find they are struggling to genuinely understand today’s marketing, digital and social media landscape.

The Menace team are responsible for the design and updating of the book landing page and Kevin's website. We also manage Kevin's social media platforms and templates for presentations. An important part of our work with Kevin was establishing a brand and colour scheme that reflected Kevin's bold and no-nonsense marketing outlook.

There's no point in being an influencer in the marketing world if your marketing collateral isn't up-to-date and looking great.

As Kevin's influence increased and more people started to take notice, the need to create branding became essential. Not just any old branding, but branding that stands the test of the message Kevin is taking to the marketing world.

Menace Group created a solid and thorough branding package that included logos, website design, a colour scheme, email templates and bespoke social media posts including photography.

We also manage Kevin's ongoing social media and email strategy. As Kevin's influence continues to grow so does our involvement. We have recently put together a speaker kit and presentations specifically tailored to suit different audiences making sure that the brand remains true to its values but adapts to each new environment.

As the founder of Menace Group, Kevin's marketing is and should be our showcase. It shows the breadth of what we as an agency can do. We know that our work with Kevin will ultimately result in other businesses taking him, and us seriously. We believe that we have delivered a marketing and design package we can be proud of.

As Kevin continues to influence the marketing world his branding backs up the quality and insight he gives.